Our Jeans Need Some Slack and So Do We

There is something that has been bothering me for a while and I’ve written this in my head probably 30 times… I want it to be eye opening but not judgy, inspiring but not condesending. I’ll do my best, but please know that this comes from a place of love.
As a woman, my biggest critic (other than myself of course) is other women. Huh? As a mom, my biggest critic (again, other than me) is other moms. Again, huh? Makes no sense, right?
Other moms are the only people who have… walked/are walking in my almost identical knock off uggs. They have cleaned poop off the hardwood, they have cried in the bathroom and emerged with a smile, they have raised their voices at their littles (although, some would never admit it) and they have wanted to crawl under the giant pile of gourds at walmart that nobody buys while their toddler throws the over tired fit of 2016.
But yet, judgy wudgy still rears her ugly head as soon as someone else’s child tries to top the “fit of 2016” in the frozen section.
I know this does not apply to all moms. BUT.. I have found myself jumping to assumptions when I see another mom in yesterdays yoga pants at the store. I catch myself almost immediately.. just because that’s not me today doesn’t mean it wasn’t me last week or next time we’re all sick (AGAIN).
I just don’t get it. Why are we so hard on other moms? We are all dealing with the same everyday frustrations and sleep deprivation. But yet, if we use a different tool to get through our current battle, we’re judged relentlessly.
I tried the whole.. “I’m a perfect mom, my kids never throw fits, I never raise my voice and we eat veggies twice a day” act. It didn’t work for me… It was lonely and it wasn’t me. As soon as I started to be real, I found more moms who were willing to be real right back. I found out that I am not alone. I found out that I don’t have to feel guilty for bottle feeding, using disposable diapers and losing my shi** every once in a while.
We’re all doing the best we can, we all eat chocolate in the bathroom and we all sit in the gargae for 2 extra minutes after starting the dryer (again) just to have some peace and quiet.
We’re all good moms. Good moms bottle feed, good moms breast feed, good moms yell, good moms cry and good moms have kids who throw the biggest fits and take the biggest craps at the most inconvenient times.
I guess I’ll wrap it up since my two year old is quiet and out of sight and that’s terrifying. Give that mom at walmart a break or better yet a loving and accepting smile. Don’t forget that she’s also doing the best she can at that exact moment.
Being a mom is hard.. Let’s all try to make it a little easier by cutting one another a little slack.. Our jeans need it and so do we. Build each other up and leave the judging at the play area gate. Its too tall to enter.


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