Don’t Get Attached? Screw That!

When I made the decision to become a Navy girlfriend my husband (then boyfriend) warned me not to get too attached to anyone because they will all leave at one point or another. I really didn’t think much of it at the time.
Little did I know that some of the best (& worst…but that’s a story for another day) friends I would ever have would be fellow Navy wives.
The thing about military friendships is that they may only last a few years at a time but when you go through a deployment with that friend it bonds you in a way that a 10 year friendship never could. When both of your spouses are deployed you become their go to and vice versa. Having that one person who would drop anything for you, treat your kids as their very own, listen with a genuine heart when you’ve had enough lonely nights and laugh with you when you’ve gone full on deployment crazy is PRICELESS!
My friend, who I haven’t even known for three full years, is moving away this weekend. It has effected me much more than I thought it would. We knew it was coming but it still hurts. We have had a million play dates and made a countless memories in those 3 years and life will definitely not be the same without her and her boys. BUT I am forever grateful for the time we had together because I seriously could not have survived deployment without her.
Back to my point… I say get as attached as you want. It hurts like hell when they leave but making that amazing friendship is beyond worth it!
Here’s to hoping the Navy brings us together again!

Until next time…


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